an' if a fren' come a long
you've led quite a privileged life, yet still don't remember to hit the spell check before posting.

sorry for being pedantic. just how i am!

--FoSO Wed Sep 13 09:22:25 2006
God, how do you even see that? I've corrected it and can just barely see the difference between the correct and incorrect spelling.
--Kirk Wed Sep 13 09:45:58 2006
mmm... must be my superpower! :)
--FoSO Wed Sep 13 10:36:52 2006
behold, the mighty powers of pedantary!
--miller Wed Sep 13 11:04:11 2006
Well. . .isn't there something about not being able to see your own errors after working on something for awhile?
--The_Lex Wed Sep 13 11:24:39 2006
No, this is deeper than that... seeing the correct version and incorrect side by side, I couldn't tell you which was which if one wasn't crossed out.

Plus, FoSO is right, often I just forget spellecheck.
--Kirk Wed Sep 13 12:49:46 2006
it's true that you don't actually need to know how to spell anything these days. i'm not yet obsessive about spell check, though (at least, not outside of work).
--FoSO Wed Sep 13 13:19:15 2006
I think you got that gene (for hospitality - not spelling erors) from your maternal grandmother. No telling who would show up or for how long in the spare beds or at the table. Cherish it.
--YELAS Wed Sep 13 14:49:57 2006
Well, the spellchecks are a big help, but they are no match my head's special gifts for homonyms. Proofreading is useful.
--Kirk Wed Sep 13 15:15:39 2006

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