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It is indeed the main branch of the Seattle Public Library. Take a look inside if you get the chance; the massive third floor is pretty amazing to be in, and the 5th floor "Mixing Chamber" is worth a glance. From there you can escalate from 5 to 9, which has a spectacular view, and then take the elevator down because, curiously, there's no other way down (well, from 6 to 5) that isn't an emergency stairwell.

See you tomorrow!
--LAN3 Tue Sep 19 00:19:16 2006
So you went back to Canon eh? What drove the decision? I remember you having some cheapy brand at the party.
----EB Tue Sep 19 04:11:52 2006
The picture of that building with clouds in the background looks kind of funky, as if you did some photoshop work on it. Very interesting.

The slopyness in that one picture kind of makes me think of Montreal.
--The_Lex Tue Sep 19 05:52:23 2006
EB: The Olympus had terrible focus and a huge amount of noise w/ medium to low light levels. Really kind of is a case of gettingw what you pay for.
--Kirk Tue Sep 19 07:19:07 2006
Seattle (like Rome, people always mention) is reputedly built on 7 hills, but it's really more like 5 hills and a ridge. First Hill, Capital Hill, Queen Anne Hill and Beacon Hill are the only ones left, and the rest are either completely gone (Denny Hill, now known as the Denny Regrade), or are now unremarkable features-- one is a ridge on the 17th Avenue (far side of First Hill) and the other is just an expression of the Yesler Way portion of First Hill, called Yesler Hill or Profanity Hill, allegedly because of the lawyers who had to climb the hill from their chic Pioneer Square offices to the county courthouse, bitching the whole way. hehe!

(Yesler Way, by the way, was once known as "Skid road" because tree trunks from area logging were literally skidded down the length of the road until they hit water (which once reached in as far as 1st Ave). A reporter from the east-coast mistakenly renamed it Skid Row.)
--LAN3 Tue Sep 19 23:55:29 2006

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