see ya seattle
Daily Show at 10 PM works for me. Do they have it at 10 PM in Seattle, too? For some reason, I have this idea that show TV shows in the Mountain area at the same local time slot as in the Eastern area (Daily show at 11 PM Eastern and 11 PM Mountain) and in the Pacific area at the same local time slot as in Central (10 PM CST and 10 PM PST). Do I have that down, or do they show Daily show on the West Coast at 8 PM?
--The_Lex Fri Sep 22 06:48:25 2006
last night's rerun is on at 8 pm eastern, which i appreciate.
--FoSO Fri Sep 22 08:27:36 2006
I think the first run of the Daily Show is shown at the same physical time, so its 8 PM in Seattle, w/o being a rerun...
--Kirk Fri Sep 22 18:22:30 2006

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