it all comes down to alcohol and caffeine
I'm pretty sure James Tufts was a Medford guy, and therefore likely related to the family for which the university is named.
--Max Sat Sep 23 15:42:30 2006
I read a similar book a while back. "Molecules that changes the world". It traced the impact of Alcohol, Gunpowder, Pepper, Coffee, and a few others. It was a good read.
--Mr. Ibis Wed Sep 27 12:02:04 2006
Oct02Pete  Thanks HUD. There are 5 or so downhill trakcs at Tarrengower. The pics are from an area called The Butts, you pass it at the bottom of the hill on your right, most of the downhill is on the left. There is an old downhill track above The Butts, I think it is/was called Terror. Some of the pics are on that. With nothing signposted on Tarrengower and lots of old walking, vehicle, animal trakcs etc all over the place there's no easy way to explain it  the best bet is just to go up there and start exploring, that's what I did. It's a lot fun that way too.
--Cristian Mon Mar 4 23:39:32 2013
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