in the zones
FOUR hours? wow.
But we're only TWO hours different from EDT. Unless you live in Arizona, which never changes (so it is three hours different from EDT at the moment).
I guess when the majority of the population lives in a different time zone, you are more attuned to such differences (even as they apply to Alaska and Hawaii).
--Kevin U (kluless) Wed Oct 4 12:11:43 2006
4 hours: he knew it was 2 Mountain Time, but did the math the wrong way, so we gathered at noon instead of 4pm.

Still, it was cool that my head came up with a good system for keeping it straight, I don't remember deliberately trying to craft a system.

--Kirk Wed Oct 4 12:39:59 2006
Windows 95 had a very nifty timezone interface indeed. The fun wasn't ruined for everyone because of patents, it was thanks to geopolitics:
--ApM Wed Oct 4 15:31:15 2006
Good going, making remembering time zones complicated. =D

Regarding Job, I like reading it sans Satan/God, or, rather, the Jewish version when it was about dealing with existential tragedy.
--The_Lex Wed Oct 4 19:33:32 2006
honestly I think it's easier... hop hop hop and you Know it's 3 hours back
--Kirk Wed Oct 4 21:23:06 2006
Are you generally a visual person?

I guess it's similar to my way of adding: thinking of the dots on a six-sided die and count them. For numbers 7 to 9, I pretty much make my own pattern of dots.
--The_Lex Thu Oct 5 08:30:42 2006
I'm trying to figure out if I'm a "visual" person or not. Like, when saying a complex sentence, it helps to close my eyes... I'm not sure if that's because otherwise the visual is too distracting, or what.
--Kirk Thu Oct 5 08:52:39 2006
The MacOS has had that nifty map chooser since forever. It's not now as cool as it was though. Back in Systems 6-8 (earlier?) you could type in the name of the city you were in, if it matched, it set the zone and marked the city. You could also type "The middle of nowhere" and it would set your location way out in the pacific. It was a cool easter egg.
--Mr. Ibis Thu Oct 5 15:53:41 2006

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