i just like saying "luftballoons"
99 Red Balloons probably makes a little more sense in the original German. But, then again, when does music have to make sense? People are still debating the "meaning" behind _American Pie_, in spite of Don McLean stating that much of the song is sense-free.
--ericball Thu Oct 5 10:40:11 2006
I actually ran Google's translation on the German version in that link... it's roughly the same, though I guess the details about the toy shop were added in.

In fact there's an interview with the translator linked from that page. I'd say it was a good job, though I think making the last line no longer rhyme gives it a more plantive feel.
--Kirk Thu Oct 5 11:03:46 2006
Oh K-Iz, you're so silly!
--Candi Thu Oct 5 11:29:43 2006
That's the most bizzare thing I've read for a very, very long time.
I'm sure homeland security is working overtime, deciphering the hidden plot, coded in that post.
Way to ge, Kirk.
--xoxoxo Bruce Thu Oct 5 17:32:29 2006
It wouldn't be the first time that the US was attacked by hostile balloons:


I always wondered what that Captain Kirk reference was in that song, and yet I never really paid attention to the lyrics when the song was sung in English.
--LAN3 Thu Oct 5 21:48:31 2006

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