mach daddy
Your Honor, the prosecution wishes to enter into evidence, Exhibit A.
This Garmin 2610 GPS belonging to the perp,...uh, sorry...the defendant, clearly showing, Max Speed of 2492 mh.
If it pleases the court, the prosecution recommends beheading, your Honor. 
--xoxoxo Bruce Sat Oct 7 11:46:38 2006
And you thought "Mach 3" was just my razor!
--Kirk Sat Oct 7 13:29:00 2006
(I changed the title from zoom zoom ZOOM to "mach daddy" after his comment. It's a better title but makes the comment look less clever.)
--Kirk Sat Oct 7 13:30:19 2006
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--kjbsf mgrp Wed Feb 14 16:36:38 2007
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