superbone met the bad man
apparently no one really cares
--mr. obvious Tue Oct 10 22:35:10 2006
Miami has the Dolphins and the Panthers, both of which are found in Florida. Well, there's the Heat as well, also found in abundance down here.
--Sean Conner Wed Oct 11 00:45:54 2006
Err, thanks Mr. Obvious!

They can't all be comment-provoking winners, apparently.

Actually I haven't quite figured out the rhyme or reason for what inspires feedback. Politics and controversy in general can, but I don't want to start bending my blog just to stir up more of that. It is what it is, and I hope people find it interesting on a regular basis even if they're not inclined to post so often.
--Kirk Wed Oct 11 08:32:00 2006
letting people weigh in on your personal decisions always seems to be a winner. comment-wise. ;)
--FoSO Wed Oct 11 08:34:25 2006
Heh. That's a good point. Not without potentially troubling implications for my personal lifestyle management abilities, but a good point.
--Kirk Wed Oct 11 08:54:12 2006
Pittsburgh has the Pirates and Steelers, with the stealers being a bad, but actually intended, play on words.
--The Goatherder Wed Oct 11 22:12:06 2006
Can we make your decisions for you through consensus?
--The_Lex Thu Oct 12 06:32:13 2006

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