when you're really bad, they call you cracker jack
i rest my case
--mr. obvious Wed Oct 11 17:38:53 2006
I remember watching Breakfast at Tiffany's, and the clerk at Tiffany's expressed astonishment that they still put toys in Cracker Jack boxes. That was filmed in what, the 60's?

I think Cracker Jack should retire.

Are there decent toys in cereal boxes either? Or are they all CD-ROM's now?
--Nick B Wed Oct 11 17:45:16 2006
Nick... yeah, but CD-ROMs at least have some potential for interesting stuff...I'm kind of retroactively jealous.

And at the risk of feeding the trolls... Mr O, are you going to post like this on every day's entry that doesn't provoke comment?
--Kirk Wed Oct 11 21:44:05 2006
Cereal prizes aren't as common as they once were. (And I'm not counting tie-in coupons.) They seem to go through the occasional blitz with one company trying to push their brand with prizes.

I did get DVDs of _The Mask_, _Air Bud 1/2_ and _Babar_ IIRC from ceral boxes, along with a bunch of game CDs (some even updated for Win 98!) and recently a kids book.

At least they've gone to showing you what the prizes are so you aren't buying boxes blind, hoping you get the prize you want.
--ericball Thu Oct 12 09:33:29 2006

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