well at least it's only SHAMpoo
Why don't I post something now to try beating Mr. O to the punch?
--The_Lex Thu Oct 12 06:33:23 2006
Well, lets not feed the trolls. If he thinks it's such a revelation that sometimes a daily personal blog is going to have more than its fair shares of "clunkers", then hey.

What I really wonder is, is this one of the trolls from, say, the love blender or some other place I've hung out, or a friend of mine having a bit of fun.
--Kirk Thu Oct 12 07:00:37 2006
But heck he gives us something to talk about even if my shampoo groaner doesn't....
--Kirk Thu Oct 12 07:01:17 2006
--FoSO Thu Oct 12 08:47:26 2006
It's such a groan that I didn't get it until just now. Groooooannnnnn!
--The_Lex Thu Oct 12 08:59:09 2006
Heh. Maybe I should have added lines:

This is based on a true event, actually, at the CVS, and Ksenia got my dumb joke immediately... actually she laughed.
--Kirk Thu Oct 12 10:10:24 2006
No. That would've ruined it.

I'm guessing that's why you're together.
--The_Lex Thu Oct 12 12:16:54 2006
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