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JMS (B5 creator) did a post 9-11 Spiderman comic - Amazing Spiderman #36. (Actually, he's done a lot of comics since B5, both well known properties and some new-ish ones.) There's some wonderful dialog (typical of JMS). The one bid I recall (it chilled me when I first read it, though now it chills me for different reasons) is: "listen for our reply in the thunder". See for the full text, although the artwork gives it even more wait.
--ericball Mon Oct 16 11:35:57 2006
"more wait"... nice homonym typo there...
--Kirk Mon Oct 16 11:56:30 2006
Yeah, I saw the error after I clicked. And replace "bid" with "bit".
--ericball Mon Oct 16 13:51:42 2006
I actually OWN that comic book.
It was five issues before I actually had a letter published in Defenders, cementing my status in geekdom FOREVER (er, make mine Marvel!)
--Kevin Mon Oct 16 17:53:04 2006

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