You're missing some zeroes in the title...
--FoSO Tue Oct 17 10:38:39 2006
Oops, corrected...
--Kirk Tue Oct 17 10:40:37 2006
PS, Math is hard.
--Kirk Tue Oct 17 10:40:59 2006
The article I read this morning in the Red Eye (the Chicago Tribune free daily, similar to the Metro except not as good) stated that births number more than immigration.
--The_Lex Tue Oct 17 10:56:35 2006
You know, in some ways the USA seems a hint more "third worldy" than many other places, from relgious fundamentalism, to the birthrate, and a few other factors.
--Kirk Tue Oct 17 11:11:54 2006
The truth is, they don't have a clue how many people are here.
--xoxoxo Bruce Tue Oct 17 20:39:30 2006
Yep to Kirk, and Yep to xoxoxo, The latter, just the fact of how many homeless we have has to lot to skew accuracy for population.

But yeah, many examples of 'Third Worldness' in the US, simply because the politicians and corporations don't want to acknowledge or deal with it.
--The_Lex Wed Oct 18 09:09:07 2006
The reason they're all looking that way is that they're watching for the enemy ("the right").
--Max Wed Oct 18 19:58:51 2006
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