"the helicopter on the computer screen has to be spinning- otherwise it just wouldn't work"
Mid-size car for the small family? I'll also say Volvos have a great amount of trunk space without necessarily needing you to compromise passenger space.

Volvo sedans would be considered mid-size, right?
--The_Lex Thu Oct 19 06:42:38 2006
Midsize typically gives you more "people space". A little more width so three kids can sit in the back (three adults for the short drive to the airport). A little more length so when teens & adults sit in the back their knees aren't in the driver's back.

--ericball Thu Oct 19 08:19:35 2006
It still seems like something like the xB would meet most of those needs... even my xA could do the 3 kids in the back, though that airport trip might be problematic if the adults had luggage ;-)

I guess I am thinking more or less like a single guy, but I still think 2 kids shouldn't be too much of a problem for any car that has 4 doors.
--Kirk Thu Oct 19 08:46:30 2006
the acela is pretty swank. in particular, i dig the fact that there are power outlets in practically every row and that they have star trek doors separating different sections of the cars.
--miller Thu Oct 19 09:35:49 2006
Because of a fire on at least some of the Acela trips they've temporarily disabled the outlets :-(

But for work I jsut bought a massive 12 cell laptop battery :-)
--Kirk Thu Oct 19 09:43:17 2006
does this mean you're trying to make a baby? congrats!
--YELM Thu Oct 19 10:38:52 2006
Uh, what?

I mean...

No. Thinkings one current auto could accomodate 2-3 youngsters isn't an implicit way of proclaiming efforts to produce same.
--Kirk Thu Oct 19 10:50:46 2006
I used to enjoy taking the train from DC to Newport News to visit a friend of mine in Va. Beach. It took 3.5-4 hours, but the ride was pleasant (except in the dining/viewing car which was coincidentally the smoking car, and was just cloudy with smoke).

Much easier to get around by train in that part of the country, say, Boston to DC. South of that, the states just get larger and larger without any cities large enough down south to justify a major highway corridor.
--LAN3 Thu Oct 19 20:38:33 2006
Family, especially with at least one baby ~ need for trunk space to pack on the #$%^ carried for the temporary "housing" and entertainment of said child.

Don't know about when child gets older and larger, but also somewhat likely. Need the toys and equipment, from what I hear.
--The_Lex Fri Oct 20 06:37:59 2006
I think, Kirk, you may underestimate not only the storage necessities of just one kid (not to mention two) when traveling, but also the ergonomics of safely seating said kid(s).
Most infant carseats these days take up loads of room. And if, like me, you happen to be taller than 6ft, you'll probably still need a decent quantity of legroom in the front. Those two issues don't add up to anything but cramped knees in a compact/subcompact car.
--FB3 Fri Oct 20 13:48:43 2006
My sister has two kids, both in the carseat age (which is getting broader and broader, I gather), so while my sister has a sedan, my bro-in-law, her husband, has an SUV. And even if I had a moral objection to SUVs that I don't, the fact is that if the 4 of them were in the car and had so much as 1 additional passenger, they are basically forced by law to have a minivan or SUV. (Do they make station wagons anymore?) Minivans aren't known for their safety or mileage, even though SUVs are demonized for being gas hogs and road bullies, and sometimes parents just don't want to ride an uncool turkey like a minivan. (Not to say that buying an H2 or H3 is suddenly a reasonable vehicle just because you need more width in the back.)

Also, while I only have nieces and thus only peripherally experience the life of having two kids, it blows my mind what a production it can be to get two (especially with one or both who aren't that self-mobile) kids going somewhere, get them around anywhere with the requisite constant supervision, while getting your own errands run at the same time.

Once they get above the arbitrary 70 lb. mark, well, you can put them on a schoolbus with bench seats and no seatbelt requirement (if it as them in the first place), and you can squeeze them into the back of a subcompact hatchback, as long as they buckle the lap-belt.
--LAN3 Fri Oct 20 21:54:01 2006
--YELM Sat Oct 21 11:20:43 2006

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