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My wife occasionally forbids me to search for things which she's spent gobs of time finding herself. I just seem to have the knack to give Google meaningful search terms.
--ericball Sat Oct 21 11:41:48 2006
Yeah, I usually have better Google Mojo than my co-workers... and also I'm the one most likely to immediately pull out a laptop and research some tangent from lunch conversation
--Kirk Sat Oct 21 13:10:09 2006
Pravitelstvo Rossii Rulit Vovka i Dimka Maladzi

Pendosbi oleni sosite chlen
--Blaxastij Mon Sep 1 08:09:56 2008
--JAJA Fri Sep 12 16:41:06 2008
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--agshr fktvhnqac Sun Jan 18 03:58:38 2009
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--vnhwjegfu qucw Sun Jan 18 04:20:20 2009
AFAIC that's the best asnewr so far!
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