did you see that?
Wish it were a bigger picture of BabyEB.
--The_Lex Mon Oct 23 08:34:20 2006
small gif cinema is a harsh mistress.

40x30 pixels, that's the gold standard.

also wouldn't want to risk EBbaby privacy issues.
--Kirk Mon Oct 23 10:39:09 2006
--YELAS Mon Oct 23 12:55:37 2006
--YELM Tue Oct 24 07:08:53 2006
Wait, is the harumph about the Lazy Susan issue, or the EBbaby photos? And what about the ditto?
--Kirk Tue Oct 24 08:49:18 2006
--YELM Tue Oct 24 09:28:52 2006
wow, i'm amazed that there's identity stealing going on! k, perhaps you should have password protection for signing as one of your regulars...

anything written by FoSO that you don't like was falsely posted! :)
--FoSO Tue Oct 24 09:31:28 2006
Yeah, some jerk is enjoying fooling around w/ the message boards.

I guess I should count myself lucky that it lasted as long as it did; it's the presence of jerks and pranksters who make life more difficult for everyone, and there will be passwords needed now.

So, Identity Stealing Asshole #1, who are you, and why are you screwing with the comments?
--Kirk Tue Oct 24 09:59:19 2006
Yes - it was the Lazy Susan comment.
As would be:
Black-eyed Susan
Runaround Sue
If You Knew Suzie
Billy and Sue (she was responsible for his death in Vietnam in that particular song)
The Sue in Neil Diamond's Solitary Man (she done him wrong as well - although he lived through it)
etc., etc.

--YELAS Wed Oct 25 20:41:32 2006
That's clearly discrimination! You should find someone to su...err, never mind.
--Kirk Thu Oct 26 06:42:50 2006
Ha  ha   ha

-- Thu Oct 26 09:19:37 2006
--kyqydcw Thu Jul 5 13:00:16 2007
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--Goran Fri Jan 18 05:31:08 2013

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