"Make point 6 words or less."

----EB Thu Oct 26 07:24:59 2006
That was the first sentence from my debate class handbook.
----EB Thu Oct 26 07:25:31 2006
That's "non-techie"?
--The_Lex Thu Oct 26 07:50:41 2006
"Moisturizer was all the zombie needed."
--Kirk Thu Oct 26 08:58:38 2006
(and it wasn't non-techie, it was at risk of boring non-techies.)
--Kirk Thu Oct 26 08:59:09 2006
"save the cheerleader, save the world." (ok, so it's a tag line from heroes. ;)
--FoSO Thu Oct 26 09:29:04 2006
"Inflammable means flammable? *Now* I know."
(and that's roughly stolen from Simpsons)
--Kirk Thu Oct 26 09:53:20 2006

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