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So these 16 people buying a ton of Lotto tickets for 12 years would not have won without their "system"?
--xoxoxo Bruce Sat Oct 28 16:36:10 2006
The RSS feed looks great (though I would prefer it to be a separate entry per "of the moment"). The comments link seems to work, too.
--Max Sat Oct 28 19:24:51 2006
Recent versions of Opera, the browser, have a built-in feedreader, though its particular notifications of new entries is rather low-key. You view the rss feeds through its builtin mail/news reader dealie, which is just right, IMO, for notices of content, but not great for full syndication.
--LAN3 Sat Oct 28 22:15:17 2006
I still don't get how RSS caching usually works (and think it might very from client to client)

If I update an entry after it's published, should I generate a new GUID for it? Or will that just cause duplicates? I think I should just change the content, keep the ID, and let the readers figure it out (Google seems to do a lot of caching of any given feed anyway)
--Kirk Sun Oct 29 08:42:08 2006
Update: for grins, I put in a hack to divide my entries into "of the Moments". I haven't changed the backdend, I just made the thing that shoves into RSS format guess.

Feedback welcome. It seems to work on Google Reader.
--Kirk Sun Oct 29 13:43:48 2006
The story claims "It took four years and a total outlay of $8700, but on Saturday, the formula succeeded."

I'd say they're beating the odds in the case...
--Kirk Sun Oct 29 13:46:41 2006
re:Lore Sjoberg. I love Lore Sjoberg. One of the most entertaining net writers anywhere. I had somehow forgotten all about him until you posted that link. Thank you, Kirk.
--briana Tue Oct 31 12:19:23 2006

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