autumn push
Daylight saving time is going to be even more entertaining next year since the dates are shifting. The new rule is ahead the second Sunday in March (versus first Sunday in April, which it's been since 1987) and back the first Sunday in November (versus the last Sunday in October, which it's been since 1967). Thus any semi-intelligent items (like VCRs) which auto-update will be wrong four times next year, rather than just two. (Until people figure out that turning off the "auto DST" option means they will only be wrong twice.)

I got smart this year and updated the clock in my and my son's bedrooms before I went to sleep; thereby avoiding the issues as to whether he should still be in bed or not.
--ericball Mon Oct 30 11:52:11 2006
I just found out my company may be better able to swing a contract with a major financial company because of this change; not that our application is that time sensitive, but some big financial companies are taking a big Y2K-ish comprehensive approach to patching software.
--Kirk Mon Oct 30 13:44:56 2006

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