sweet sixteen
Sweet 16? I'm not even going there. . ..
--The_Lex Mon Oct 30 07:09:25 2006
Well, hence the "no dumb jokes" request...
--Kirk Mon Oct 30 07:26:17 2006
what, exactly, is the point of this blog if not to be self-indulgent?
--FoSO Mon Oct 30 10:13:50 2006
Well, to "be interesting" to others, and bring quotes and links to their attention that they might have otherwised missed. Beyond that self-indulgence is the rule of the day.
--Kirk Mon Oct 30 10:25:28 2006
Mmmmmmm. . .I feel like the comic could use a little character development before the punchline. Why's it permanent for the blue guy? Or am I missing something?
--The_Lex Mon Oct 30 11:12:17 2006
heheh, well, it's not meant to be a single comic, just four semi-related panels.
--Kirk Mon Oct 30 12:09:30 2006
I realized something like that after I wrote the comment.

Also something of a subtext, it kind of feels like there could be some political satire to it. That's just me thinking too much, though.
--The_Lex Mon Oct 30 13:22:12 2006
You could have a party where everyone is supposed to bow down to you because of your supposed high level of intelligence and witty (and often painfully articulated) thoughts on life. Oh wait, that's what you expect to happen everyday. Nevermind.
--someone inferior to you Mon Oct 30 21:46:23 2006
Wow! Have I had the pleasure of your company in real life (or should I say, vice versa!) or do you just benefit from my intelligence and wit in online venues?
--Kirk Mon Oct 30 23:08:16 2006
Wow, you must be famous man, with this troll haunting you.

Honestly, though, he should stop trolling you and move on over to my blog at http://thelex-topia.blogspot.com . I think I'm more pretentious than you on "life thoughts" than you anyday. =D
--The_Lex Tue Oct 31 07:11:02 2006
Well, it's funny, said "admirer" is a sharp enough cookie to use a phrase like "painfully articulated" (which is a fair cop; sometimes it's tough to get one of my tangental thought sets into sentences and paragraphs, and often times I don't take the time to proofread (or even spellcheck)...)
--Kirk Tue Oct 31 08:00:38 2006
You know, you do articulate your thoughts in a pretty good, digestible fashion. If I had the same thoughts, I would probably write paragraphs upon paragraphs for every sentence you write.
--The_Lex Tue Oct 31 09:05:12 2006

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