breasts flailing wildly in the air
so wait a second.. she's straddling the guy, right? and her hands are on his chest, right? so how is her back facing him?

maybe i'm just not imagining this correctly..
--miller Thu Nov 2 09:38:37 2006
Umm...she's leaning back, with her hands behind her, on his chest? Arching her back and thus providing that much better a pivot for increased breast flailage.
--Kirk Thu Nov 2 09:52:30 2006
This entry is going to turn up in some very odd search engine results...
--TSM Thu Nov 2 10:29:36 2006
--FoSO Thu Nov 2 10:34:36 2006
okay, that makes more sense, i guess. that guy must have a really wide chest or she's awful flexible, though.
--miller Thu Nov 2 11:30:05 2006
I'm all for the robot that puts my clothes away neatly. The amount of time I spend putting away my work clothes after I get home annoys me to all hell.
--The_Lex Thu Nov 2 11:43:48 2006
the other option is she's sitting practically on his face with her hands in front of her. ok, i've just given this more thought than i care to.
--FoSO Thu Nov 2 12:23:14 2006
Both positions described will produce flailage if he's doing his part.
--xoxoxo Bruce Thu Nov 2 18:30:18 2006
if she's sitting on his face, how is her back facing him then? i'm beginning to suspect that this woman is clearly a cirque du soleil contortionist who breast-flails as a hobby..
--miller Fri Nov 3 14:21:39 2006

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