backlog flush #62
Goose egg, actually, which led to this brilliant comment on there, "I forgot to measure the yolk, but it's approximately the same size as a new-born goose." Heh!
--LAN3 Sat Nov 4 16:38:41 2006
Kirk, my former stepfather is from Portugal. His friend was the famous Fado singer Amalia. I was familiar with some terms used to express longing like "saudade" but had never seen a good link like this to describe it better. I guess some of the works I've posted at blender are somewhat in this vein, but hadn't put a descriptive word like this to them before now. Thanks for this link ......
--Rennie Sat Nov 4 18:07:32 2006
I'm curious about which games were the first to use certain turns of phrase, like "GAME OVER", or when 1UP stopped meaning Player 1 and started meaning Extra Life.

If I had a time machine, I would have traveled back to whenever I had to, and had the machine instead say "GOOD DAY, SIR."
--Nick B Sun Nov 5 01:42:52 2006
i dig this robot. for the rest of the day i'll smash cameras in his honor.
--FoSO Mon Nov 6 10:21:08 2006
Hmm. I'm thinking Super Mario Brothers for "1up" but really I have no idea. I was thinking it would fit nicely in an 8-bit-side sprite, but no, not really, if 1 needs 1 pixel, U and P need 3 each, and a space between each letter.
--Kirk Mon Nov 6 10:47:29 2006

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