I always wonder about people who create web sites tracking things like the "silent penultimate panel." I once saw one that had an apparently quite exhaustive list of songs that repeat the chorus in a new key towards the end for variety. I had the same reaction as you (is it THAT wrong?), along with thinking, "is this really so important that someone has made it their avocation to fight it?"
--Max Sun Nov 12 18:41:32 2006
yes, it seems like kind of an odd rallying point... when I think about, it seems like a good use of silence and timing is to becommended, even if its sometimes a bit predictable,

the other site you mentioned... is that the 'truck driver key change'? I think that site makes a slightly better case...
--Kirk Sun Nov 12 20:43:05 2006
i guess i get the complaint - it *is* a terribly overused pacing device. but, since the reader bears the burden of interpreting the pacing, i can't complain about any technique that makes it simpler.

but you have to be pretty militant about 'SPP' usage to devote a blog to it!
--FoSO Mon Nov 13 09:06:14 2006
Or very hungry for attention.

Not that I'd know anything about that. *whistles innocently*.
--Kirk Mon Nov 13 09:42:28 2006
But I do have to say, I enjoy the surreal grace of just showing the silent panels, a bit like that old James Bond snippet film
--Kirk Mon Nov 13 09:43:51 2006
Not bad at all!
--Mercedes Fri Mar 9 20:11:33 2007
Nov13Nabin  jharna aanti testo choto luga lreaya hamro gautira nagaideko va bes hunthiyo ni pachi hamara nani harule pani timi jastai NAKALI vi de vane? plz hai yo choto luga hamro gauma pachdai na kya
--Jennifer Fri Apr 6 01:10:13 2012

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