j'aime, je n'aime pas
Only now did I look up "le fruit de vos entrailles est béni." which turns out to mean "the fruits of your entrails are blessed." I can side with Georgette on this one.

Googling the phrase produces many French pages about the Rosary. Hmm.
--LAN3 Tue Nov 14 02:22:59 2006
Candi dislikes
- when her socks slip down making it uncomfortable to walk.
- having to do laundry.
- talking to people she doesnt like online.

Candi likes
- laying in bed listening to classical music for a few minutes when her alarm goes off.
- reading the musings of K-IZ.
--Candi Tue Nov 14 06:47:57 2006
FoSO dislikes
- whiny children whose behavior their parents neglect to correct
- people with mismatched dreams and ambitions
- dub-ya

FoSO likes
- oolong in the morning and before bed, making my dreams melty
- cool, dry fall days with crunchy leaves and wood smoke
- adventures of all kinds!
--FoSO Tue Nov 14 08:56:11 2006
LAN3: I babelfished that too. Perhaps its something said toward Mary?

Candi: aw shucks.

FoSO: like, the dreams don't go along with the ambitions? I guess I'm sure of the difference between the two.
--Kirk Tue Nov 14 09:39:37 2006
i am frustrated by people who 'wish they could x, y, or z' but don't have the motivation to get off their asses and accomplish x, y, AND z. it gets tiring listening to the lack of progress.
--FoSO Tue Nov 14 10:33:51 2006
Well, the reverse of that isn't fun either, where one pares one's dreams 'til they're within the comfort zone. I've struggled with that issue from time to time.
--Kirk Tue Nov 14 11:34:41 2006
well. i know it's not easy to reach that brass ring, but it's much more rewarding than settling for what is easy and non-challenging. getting what you want is hard work, but it's the only thing i find worthwhile.
--FoSO Tue Nov 14 13:28:00 2006
ooo, that was really preachy, wasn't it. sorry!!!
--FoSO Wed Nov 15 14:17:55 2006
I like: solutions, beer, feeling comfortable with people

I don't like: feeling socially awkward, inconsiderate people, not being able to clean my nail polish off.
--Catherine Thu Nov 16 15:30:44 2006

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