if this is tuesday, this must be the grand canyon
You'd be surprised at how many Americans think the Grand Canyon is in South Dakota! Read my post at http://news.grandcanyon.com
--Alley Kaye Tue Nov 21 17:11:41 2006
wow, is that an advertisement?
--FoSO Wed Nov 22 09:01:33 2006
Well, it seems to be a topical, human-in-the-loop plug, which actually is fine, and the article was pretty decent. So I don't mind.
--Kirk Wed Nov 22 09:11:56 2006
i can just imagine - alley does a search for 'grand canyon' every morning and peppers blogs with links to her site... not sure how i feel about that, but hey, it's not my blog! :)
--FoSO Wed Nov 22 13:03:40 2006
Well, it was a bit more topical than that, about what Europeans think vs what Americans think... and I don't think my entry was on many search engines before the comment... so it might be a regular reader... or a well-meaning blog pimp. I pimp this blog in a similar fashion on other sites, with a topical link to a specific entry, so I can't be a hypocrite .
--Kirk Wed Nov 22 13:20:11 2006
you blog pimp, you! (i'm happy to be hypocritical on your behalf, if you're wanting any of that. ;)
--FoSO Wed Nov 22 13:35:00 2006

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