nuclear war fun club
I remember that same reaction in my Parents to The Day After. They woudn't let me watch it. It's odd to think back, but the nuclear tension was almost palpable.

I found it playing on TBS or something about ten years ago and decided to watch it, to see what I's missed. Man, what a stinking pile of schlock. I suppose it must have had more impact in the 80's when we were all afraid of nuclear war, but in the late 90's, and I suspect, even today, you loose the message under a pile of syrupy sentimentality and truly bad FX.
--Mr. Ibis Thu Nov 23 12:56:39 2006
That's interesting, because the Wikipedia article makes it sound pretty hardcore.
--Kirk Fri Nov 24 02:04:41 2006
All I can say to that is, WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY A GAME?
--WOPRLAN3 Sun Nov 26 21:28:21 2006

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