the back to work, tanked on turkey blues
I enjoy the Huxley quote, especially after getting frustrated by his Brave New World then hearing about his reconceptualization of dystopia (which he didn't re-write) and utopia (which he did write).
--The_Lex Mon Nov 27 10:42:27 2006
as we used to say, 'don't sweat the small stuff.' still good advice.
--FoSO Mon Nov 27 14:39:27 2006
I think you need to learn to not sweat the big stuff either. It's all just stuff. Like Montaigne says, "My life has been full of terrible misfortunes most of which never happened."
--Kirk Mon Nov 27 14:46:01 2006
I read something about 8 months ago or so similar to that Time article, in much more technical terms, in an anthology of cognitive science and social psychology essays.
--The_Lex Mon Nov 27 15:08:34 2006
Excellent work... much respect dudes...
--Yuridia Fri Mar 9 20:11:16 2007
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--sjfhuytm ypksog Sun Jan 13 13:37:14 2008
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