so i says to myself, says i
It can't hurt to call the landlord about it.
--The_Lex Tue Nov 28 10:49:31 2006
Yeah, I'd completely call the landlord. You'd want someone to care about you, wouldn't you?
--Catherine Tue Nov 28 13:32:22 2006
I'd try beating on the door first and call the landlord if that doesn't work.
Love thy neighbor, man.
--xoxoxo Bruce Tue Nov 28 13:35:44 2006
As I posted in an update, it looks like he's A-OK...
--Kirk Tue Nov 28 14:25:11 2006
Tune in Tokyo was in a movie, actually-- I think it was in "1942," which was a parody of war movies. If not, it was in some 1950s-era nostalgia movie. I have one in mind but can't think of the title, only that it's named for a song.
--LAN3 Tue Nov 28 20:22:35 2006

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