Delaware makes me think of the blue-screen scene in Wayne's World, and nothing else. And when I met a guy from Delaware in New Jersey, I found out that's kind of common.
--Nick B Sat Dec 2 10:58:42 2006
There's a ferry that goes from Cape May, NJ, to Lewes, Delwur.

I went to college with a Lewes local, and drove up from Virginia one summer to visit her. Lewes is dead as a post in the off season, and crowded as hell during the hot season.

Also, the DelMarVa peninsula makes for a less exciting drive than the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Most of the DelMarVa ride was like driving through Outer Banks NC, but without the Brew Thru and the Wright memorial and cool lighthouses and ocean views.
--LAN3 Mon Dec 4 04:35:05 2006

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