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I read somewhere that some people adopt habits of anxiety to control a lack of inhibition. . .and maybe not inhibition in acting out, but a lack of having executive control/lack of inhibition/organization of thoughts.
--The_Lex Sun Dec 3 17:06:59 2006
Ummm...  huh?

I've read that 2 or 3 times but don't quite grok it... hopefully I'm not just in denial...
--Kirk Sun Dec 3 18:08:27 2006
Essentially, building habits of anxiety can be a semi-effective way for the executive part of the brain can gain control over the brain's thought processes. Instead of having ideas shooting everywhere uninhibited, willy nilly, the executive part can slow down things with "unconcious" inhibiting routines such as anxious rumination.

So rather than anxiety being necessarily an expression of emotional issues, anxiety might actually be a tool of the executive part of your brain trying to organize the chaos of a subjective information overload.

Unfortunately, for this useful result, anxiety can cause unforunate consequences, such as stress. No one ever said that the current human being and their brain were perfect.
--The_Lex Sun Dec 3 19:18:13 2006
You don't have to enjoy something to get addicted. You just have to trigger the reward and motivation centers in the brain. 
--Nick B Mon Dec 4 12:59:06 2006
But what if a person's reward and motivation centers don't work like other people's?
--The_Lex Mon Dec 4 16:07:24 2006
Of which I'm not trying to allude to someone's brain being defective. Just throwing out the idea that these things can be more complicated simply having an on and off switch.

Not even neurologists and psychopharmacologists fully understand this stuff.
--The_Lex Mon Dec 4 16:09:36 2006

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