i want money, that's what i want
But the snow is so pretty! Everyone I've seen or talked to this morning is complaining about it, but geesh, it's not even a half inch. I'm complaining that we're ONLY getting a half-inch. C'mon, when Missouri got their storm last week they got THUNDER SNOW!
--Candi Mon Dec 4 10:08:16 2006
I'm not complaining about this snow in general, but just... you know, winter in general.

I've been hearing more and more reports about Thunder Snow... just a fun new aspect of Our Changing Climate?
--Kirk Mon Dec 4 11:29:22 2006
Thunder snow isn't new, just infrequent.
--xoxoxo Bruce Mon Dec 4 11:40:05 2006
I know it's not new, but is it more frequent?
--Kirk Mon Dec 4 12:48:24 2006
I was in a thunder/lightning snow storm once. Pretty impressive.
--Mr. Ibis Wed Dec 6 12:07:14 2006

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