more longwinded angst, delivered right to your door!
Hi Ender
--The_Lex Tue Dec 5 10:26:02 2006
Hello Somewhat Obscure Sci-Fi Literary Reference!

Took me a second to get the implication of the reference, but yeah, with that 4th paragraph, I can see it.

Not that I'm likely to inadvertantly commit genocide on a planetary scale.

You hope.
--Kirk Tue Dec 5 11:02:54 2006
Paragraph 3 makes me think of Bean.

Yes, xenocide not a good thing.

Lately, I've been thinking I picked up my own maladaptive habits because I did what I did in the past in order to survive and somewhere, deep down in me, I still believe if I don't follow those habits, something bad will happen.
--The_Lex Tue Dec 5 12:55:00 2006
Ok, attempting to attribute meaning to given icons (repeats skipped):
Tennis Court, or Bus
Hair Dryer and/or American Flag
Family, or Hanz and Franz
Weight Room
Iron, or hovercrafts available
Gamma Rays
Quake 2 in Every Room
Post Office, or Nightly News
Martini Bar
Volume Control (how useful)
Mouse Provided
Trucks Backing Up
Very cold temperutures
Corporate Forecasting, or conf rooms
Washing Machine, or Cigarrettes
Keyholes, for peeping
Luggage Allowed
Modern Phones, not like those ancient dial ones from before
Expensive Art, or look at our money
Gamma Ray Phones
Walkie-Talkie and Matinis
Notary Public or Industrial Stapler
SETI on-site, or Space-based laser control
Alarm clocks
Wall heaters, or Tire Marks on Carpet
Local Building Demolitions, on the hour
TV never shuts off
Sometimes Kiefer Sutherland drops by
Trident and Glave
Parking for 200 million cars
no smoking, or test firing ballistic missles
--Mr. Ibis Wed Dec 6 11:40:28 2006
oh my god, i totally want a "sometimes kiefer sutherland drops by" icon now. or tshirt. or both.
--miller Wed Dec 6 15:31:16 2006
Hmmmm, first unconscious read of Mr. Ibis's comment: This Spam.

Then I see Mr. Ibis's name, ahhhhhh.

Now I read Mr. Ibis's comment with more attention.

Mr. Ibis Strikes again, is there an icon for that?
--The_Lex Wed Dec 6 18:52:11 2006

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