maybe there is nothing, ever, that can equal the recollection of having been young together
i really think this is why early loves resonate strongly in memory - the past is so romanticisable.
--FoSO Mon Dec 11 10:09:39 2006
Actually, the latest sunset should have already occurred (approx Dec 8th, depending on latitude), although the latest sunrise won't happen until January.

--ericball Mon Dec 11 12:21:33 2006
The Slate article sounds pretty plausible and in key with other research I've read about the "lower class economy." To me, it doesn't sound like it glorifies much.

If anything, it shows that quantifiable social science sometimes doesn't work all that well. Purely quantifiable social research really requires a mix of niavete and compliance that the people in this book obviously don't meet.
--The_Lex Mon Dec 11 12:55:53 2006
ericball, huh, didn't realize that.

Lex, yeah, I loved how in the 80s the survey question was like "how do you feel about being black and poor?"
--Kirk Mon Dec 11 13:13:48 2006

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