i can't feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life
Yes, that showerhead is the oddest you REMEMBER using. The most technologically advanced one you ever used is the one that selectively blanked your memory so you wouldn't remember the experience and connect it to its other dastardly effects.
--Max Fri Dec 15 11:08:26 2006
Web mail only. At least in my household.
--Beau Fri Dec 15 12:11:57 2006
Aww no pics of you in the shower!
--Candi Fri Dec 15 12:37:33 2006
I use Eudora at home.
--The_Lex Fri Dec 15 12:56:50 2006
Make sure you distinguish between Outlook and Outlook Express. I use OE, and newer versions don't display inline images unless you click on the error message.

I also fetch one of my gmail accounts into OE via the POP interface.

--ericball Fri Dec 15 13:50:10 2006
whew, nice to know I haven't lost my audience this trip to Denver -- I just need to post weirdly provactive topics...
Max, that's a hell of a good point. I can just see a shower with an integrated "Men in Black" flasher...
--Kirk Fri Dec 15 14:06:24 2006
candi, don't encourage him! yikes!
--FoSO Fri Dec 15 15:13:08 2006
Yeah, I use the POP function to get my gmail, too. Just sucks when you want to get it from two different computers via POP
--The_Lex Fri Dec 15 17:58:15 2006

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