The Tort-reform-advocating legal blog "Point of Law" links to another blog, Tortsprof Blog, which notes that W.A.T.C.H., the source of bad-toy lists, is founded and directed by a plaintiff's attorney who specilizes in products liability, particularly in child safety suits. 


Not to say that Lawn Darts are therefore a great idea, or that you can't find 10 legitimately bad toys, but while they claim to be saving lives with their publicity, they're also making fellow plaintiff's lawyers rich by pouring their version of things into jury pools.
--LAN3 Sat Dec 16 23:04:41 2006
Yeah, I'm not surprised to hear that.

Actually, my biggest gripe w/ the would-be Ralph Nadars of toys is lately they've been picking on "Heelys", those little in-sneaker skate wheels that I'm so jealous of.

Heh, the Heelys wikipedia page has an amusing little "citation needed" war...
--Kirk Sun Dec 17 09:36:08 2006

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