The Tort-reform-advocating legal blog "Point of Law" links to another blog, Tortsprof Blog, which notes that W.A.T.C.H., the source of bad-toy lists, is founded and directed by a plaintiff's attorney who specilizes in products liability, particularly in child safety suits. 


Not to say that Lawn Darts are therefore a great idea, or that you can't find 10 legitimately bad toys, but while they claim to be saving lives with their publicity, they're also making fellow plaintiff's lawyers rich by pouring their version of things into jury pools.
--LAN3 Sat Dec 16 23:04:41 2006
Yeah, I'm not surprised to hear that.

Actually, my biggest gripe w/ the would-be Ralph Nadars of toys is lately they've been picking on "Heelys", those little in-sneaker skate wheels that I'm so jealous of.

Heh, the Heelys wikipedia page has an amusing little "citation needed" war...
--Kirk Sun Dec 17 09:36:08 2006
  I suspect tegting used to these can be a lot like anything with wheels. I never was so good on a skateboard, but I can roller skate and I ice skate well enough (well, all that means is I don't spend most of the time on my bottom!). They sound like good fun and I have seen some kids whizzing around on them very competently. Great review, Diane, thanks for sharing.MandyMandy recently posted..
--Breanna Thu Apr 5 20:27:45 2012
I like gg's answer. Our 13, 9, and 6 year olds didn't have anhntiyg to do either, especially outside, until we showed them some possibilities ourselves. And yes, they still like video games/computer games/TV/cartoons/movies etc. the best, but we use those as rewards and limit their time at them, *without* telling them that's what we're doing. Some things we did that worked:- Took them to the library, enrolled them in the summer reading program which gives rewards, and had "quiet time" every day where they each had their own room and their own books to read. Turns out, they really like to read  and I and their 14 mo. old brother get some peace while they do! (:- Dad started having them help with some household maintenance/building projects. They like to paint the house inside and out, do minor construction projects like helping put together furniture, etc.- Got them each bubbles, a special bubble toy they picked out themselves, and sidewalk chalk. Then played with them with both until determined they liked both and were happy to create on their own.- Went on family bike trips  then they see the use of bikes. Works well with scooters/skateboards/etc. too.- Dad and I play sports with them, and encourage neighborhood kids to join in. After a while, Dad and I weren't needed  they could and wanted to do it themselves.- Gave them some huge boxes which they built a fort with in the backyard. They used scissors to cut windows and doors, and all sorts of stuff to decorate it.- Talked to them about using their imagination and coming up with something, since they're such smart boys. Then gave them a box with misc. stuff in it to do something with  it's amazing what they came up with.- Got them distracted with other neat toys like marble toys, legos, science projects, art projects, etc., where it's really better to play by yourself once you know how to use the stuff.- Started playing Munchkin (neat card game) and SkipBo (less expensive card game) as a family event. Then gradually got board games that we'd teach them how to play, and they'd pick up with each other later.- Their interests are primarily science-related  so got them books and toys they can do alone instead of having to have someone to play with.- Showed and taught them that to do the video games, TV, etc., they have to earn it  just like I do some work before I get to relax. They have chores, some of which we do together and some of which they're on their own on. When they're done, they get rewards of video game time, small nutritious treats, etc.- Gave them quarter jobs  little errands for Mom and Dad, like getting us pop with ice, or bringing scissors to us, etc. Then they get to save or spend the quarters as they like.- Got them involved with menu planning and cooking. They like to choose what to eat for lunch and dinner (within budget and nutrition restraints), help shop for it, and the two oldest like to help cook it or pull it together.- I could go on and on, but this is probably enough (:References : 14 mo. old, 6, 9, 13 year old who also love TV, video games, etc. but now earn the time instead of spending all day at it, and have learned interests other than electronic ones +2Was this answer helpful?
--Diego Sat Jan 5 11:31:26 2013
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