i'm just glad to be here. i just want to help the club any way I can.
I remember Mad TV doing a good parody of Abercombie & Fitch. The clerks at the store even converted an uncomfortable obviously hetero guy into an A&F no shirt sport playing guy.
--The_Lex Mon Dec 18 12:04:17 2006
--YELM Mon Dec 18 15:42:24 2006
Yeah, kind of a less sigh-ish "Oy".
--Kirk Mon Dec 18 17:52:58 2006
these same kinds of baseball platitudes could be applied to my interactions with my boss... in fact, i'll see how long i can get away with sticking to this script. i'll report back. ;)
--FoSo Tue Dec 19 10:15:27 2006

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