job jibba jabba
It probably originally said "Crack Ho City".

I wonder if Giuliani ever implemented the anti-graffiti measure he described on SNL, where if they found your name, city workers would spray-paint the word "SUCKS" under it.
--Nick B Wed Dec 20 12:19:34 2006
I suspect - actually know from experience - that the "divest myself of extraneous possessions, get my financial life settled, put in good habits in life-maintenance" goal is a life long project!
--YELM Wed Dec 20 12:25:49 2006
........A "life long project" that I gave up on years ago. Hence the difference between YELM's residence(s) and mine.
Take a lesson.
--YELAS Wed Dec 20 13:32:53 2006
Did recruiters or anyone mention the good idea of volunteering, taking classes, etc. etc. to stay up to date in your career? I'm sure you do, but how well can you state that on a resume? That's probably what they're most concerned about, especially with the tech field supposedly being one that constantly advances.
--The_Lex Wed Dec 20 15:35:57 2006
Lex... no, not really, because so far there's no indication that I don't have pretty popular skills. Learning by getting paid for doing is considered one of the best teachers... what you mention is wht you do for other reasons, or if your job search isn't going well...
--Kirk Wed Dec 20 16:32:47 2006
Huh? I mean, down the road when you do start job searching again. How long do you want to take off?
--The_Lex Wed Dec 20 16:41:21 2006
Oh, I dunno! A 2-4 weeks at least.
--Kirk Wed Dec 20 16:48:28 2006
That's not too bad.

If it were longer than that, though, I would think the recruiters and such would have a concern about your skills getting less marketable.
--The_Lex Wed Dec 20 17:07:41 2006
Am I at all being clear that I'm trying to come from the recruiter's standpoint. Supposedly, employment lapses supposedly look real bad on the resume unless you've got a good activity to take its place.

From my standpoint, though, recruiters and career counsellors often take this stuff way too seriously and create some "innovations" and trends that don't reflect reality.
--The_Lex Wed Dec 20 17:15:01 2006
Well, you can disguise lapses, spinning the dates a bit (which often aren't more gradular than year).

Recruiters and companies who *are* hiring often dig when you can start "now" and not "after giving notice"
--Kirk Thu Dec 21 06:19:33 2006

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