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kirk! you're a musician!!! a minor key is when you move the half-steps from 3 and 7 to 2 and 5. look it up!
--FoSO Mon Dec 25 07:35:21 2006
3, 7? 2, 5? I think we've been trained in different musical traditions (of course my musical tradition was to go to band camp, take a theory class, learn some stuff, usually getting up to very scales, then forgetting everything I didn't use in my day to day tuba-ing.)

So the A minor scale uses the same sets of flats and sharps as the C scale, namely, no flats or sharps, right? So if I'm playing C, E flat, F when I'm in the key of C major, what 3 notes would I be playing? I want to say A, B, D... i.e. starting with the first note of the scale, ending with the fourth note, and with the "flatted" third note (C going down to B natural, in this case...)
--Kirk Mon Dec 25 16:36:15 2006

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