nyack filler day 2
Is that, by any chance, a NY ACK message, or am I just obsessed with networking? ;-)
--Catherine Wed Jan 3 08:12:42 2007
/   Steve Jobs is the man of the house. I can't imagine if today or tormorow Apple without Steve.Imaging 20 years down the road without Steve?At the same time I felt bad for him. Gates have retired and do what he do now and enjoying the best of the world while Jobs on a daily basis still royally invent the world most desire products and company! Jobs enjoy what he does just not the same way as the rest of the leaders. I really admire this guy!Like Confucius quote Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. He keeps doing what he does because he loves it.
--Chri Mon Jun 4 07:05:31 2012

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