nyack filler day 3
It's like you're on a msision to save me time and money!
--Adelie Mon Aug 1 16:09:45 2011
But seriously, folks, this is scary. There's a woman in England who must have a iiaslmr email address to mine. I've been put on mass mailing lists because of it. Fortunately, she seems like a nice woman with nice friends who obligingly take me off their mass mailing lists - eventually - but it takes a while to get everyone to comply. Mostly I worry that she's not getting the info that was intended for her, and I don't know her address to forward it to her. Anyway, it is disturbing to think emails intended for me are going elsewhere, but I'm sure they are, especially since I have a very common name (other than Anonymous). Never was keen on putting my email address in comments for giveaways.
--Patricia Thu Apr 5 19:23:52 2012

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