nyack filler day 4
Great quote from David Lee Roth. Elvis Costello is my all time favorite, seen him in concert 8 times at least. I also love Van Halen (not Van Hagar) and their concert in '84 was AWESOME. Funny quote...and look who Elvis Costello married and had twins with...Diana Krall...beautiful and talented...he must be doing something right.
--Cire Nehtrow Fri Jan 5 10:18:28 2007
Sure he's doing something right.
Making lots of money in a way that leaves lots of time to entertain a significant other. Oh, and access to cool social circles.
What girl wouldn't be attracted to that lifestyle, even if it meant marrying, homely, if not butt ugly.
--xoxoxo Bruce Fri Jan 5 17:55:44 2007
ok, i think elvis costello is *quite* handsome! why is everone bashing his looks? 
--FoSO Sat Jan 6 11:05:59 2007

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