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My review of Pan's Labryinth has brought me the highest consistent turnout for my blog. Then again, maybe that's because I also unleashed more marketing/advertising than before.
--The_Lex Sun Jan 7 11:01:58 2007
Kirk, I think you should rent "Brick" from this year; if you like the atmosphere and speech of noir, as I'm guessing you do from your love of "Gun, With Occasional Music," then I think you'll enjoy Brick, a high-school mystery as written by a noir writer.
--LAN3 Sun Jan 7 23:26:39 2007
funny, we just watched brick last night. i think (kirk, correct me if i'm wrong) that FoSOSO and i liked it better than kirk did. but we liked it a great deal, so that's not saying kirk hated it.
--FoSO Mon Jan 8 09:40:54 2007
No, I dug it. S'funny synchronicity of that.

Also just the other day I was reading a graphic novel adapation of a Philip Marlowe novel, so I'm a kind of in that whole vibe.

(Note to FoSO/SO... I think I was combining the names "Raymond Chandler" and "Philip Marlowe" last night when I described it as "Philip Chandler meets Encyclopedia Brown"
--Kirk Mon Jan 8 14:31:35 2007
are you reading that 'little sister' one? i tried to get that for FoSOSO for his birthday but didn't manage to. could i borrow?
--FoSO Mon Jan 8 17:15:59 2007
Heh, nice coincidence. I, too, constantly confuse Ray Chandler and Philip Marlowe-- it usually takes me a second or two to recall which is the author and which the character; sometimes I have described Brick as "Philip Marlowe in high school" or "Ray Chandler writes a high school drama," but other times I swapped the names and sounded like a dork.
--LAN3 Mon Jan 8 18:00:12 2007

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