kirky in the moonlight
I like when the sun wakes me up.
--The_Lex Tue Jan 9 08:14:26 2007
I still have a theory that it's only in a totally dark room that I can sleep in if I need to.

But I realize that the primary source of this personal idea was from my time in Portugal...and while they had that great "shutters outside the house, with a pull string inside" design that was great at blocking the light, there may have been a jetlag factor I'm keeping out of the equation.
--Kirk Tue Jan 9 08:49:09 2007
Wow, those Cyriak aminations are great. He really is the heir to Terry Gilliam. The creativity in there is astounding in parts. And I like that he limits himself to looping animations.
--Mr. Ibis Wed Jan 10 17:05:51 2007
Weeeee, what a quick and easy slouotin.
--Jodie Fri Sep 9 11:35:45 2011
Our fava beans are up and doing well.Did you plant for ground cover only then plow them into soil later befroe or after flowering ? or will you let them go to harvest the beans befroe plowing them into the soil? I assume your fava beans are winter ground cover for plowing into the soil for nitrogen in the spring, and then later using the same soil for summer tomato and other veggies, is that right?
--Mohammed Thu Jan 17 11:47:08 2013

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