kirky in the moonlight
I like when the sun wakes me up.
--The_Lex Tue Jan 9 08:14:26 2007
I still have a theory that it's only in a totally dark room that I can sleep in if I need to.

But I realize that the primary source of this personal idea was from my time in Portugal...and while they had that great "shutters outside the house, with a pull string inside" design that was great at blocking the light, there may have been a jetlag factor I'm keeping out of the equation.
--Kirk Tue Jan 9 08:49:09 2007
Wow, those Cyriak aminations are great. He really is the heir to Terry Gilliam. The creativity in there is astounding in parts. And I like that he limits himself to looping animations.
--Mr. Ibis Wed Jan 10 17:05:51 2007

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