i met my old office on the street last night
Hope the compensation makes it worth it.
--The_Lex Tue Jan 9 08:14:40 2007
That's part of the thing. The offer on the table seems to be just a shade over the equivalent of my old salary, though minus the health coverage and other benefits. FoSO is encouraging me not to underrate myself in terms of that kind of negotiation, but frankly I don't know how badly they need me, esp. as how the company is in poor financial straights, or I wouldn't be out of a job.

--Kirk Tue Jan 9 08:32:46 2007
and, like a silly one, you accepted the offer on the table rather than negotiate. dood! you need an agent. ;)
--FoSO Tue Jan 9 10:14:10 2007
You're probably right, but I am treating this as a one off, and will hold to be able to renegotiate on any future work.
--Kirk Tue Jan 9 10:22:49 2007

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