long, long, ago... ok, a little longer than that...
What did the Dow Jones have to do with the religious side of things?
--The_Lex Thu Jan 11 08:41:07 2007
Err, not much... sometimes the hosts provides snacks and beverages, and those are the glasses he happened to set out.
--Kirk Thu Jan 11 08:48:51 2007
my grandmother has those glasses! (which i, understandably, covet.) 

kirk, take a look at the market on election day plus one in any election year you care to name. On the first trading day after 9/11. On the day of the London bombings a year and a half ago. major world events move markets. the correlation is perfectly evident and some of us make a living keeping track of and trading on such movements. 
--FoSO Thu Jan 11 09:32:14 2007
They do, but as Jerry said, the markets don't seem quite as hairtrigger as they once were.

Or maybe it is just a matter of perspective, that it just *seems* like it would be harder to make a 1995-2005 glass.

Then again, it wasn't necessarily obvious to see what bit of news was an up, and what was a down; in some ways it was just a bunch of big news events with pointers into the charts.
--Kirk Thu Jan 11 10:40:58 2007

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