dance monkey dance!
'....I realized Firefox 2 is out. I'd recommend it for everyone.'

My work here is done :-D
--Catherine Mon Jan 15 14:37:18 2007
Heh. Yes, for the record Catherine was the person most responsible for getting me to get into Firefox.

The ctrl-F thing was reaslly getting on my nerves though, very glad that's taken care of.

They made another "improvement" that once upon a time I was clamoring for but now I'm not sure that I even like: each tab now has its own closing X button. I thought it odd when Firefox 1, unlike says Safari, just had the single closing X on the right for the current tab. But now that Firefox 2 gives each tab its own, I kind of miss always knowing where to push the mouse to close whaever I'm looking at, wherever it is in the taborder...

For a laugh... IE7. Ugh. Does it even have a way of saying "open this link in a new tab" without right clicking and selecting from the popup menu?
--Kirk Mon Jan 15 15:50:27 2007
Sigh, no one seems as entranced w/ Pictaps as I was...
well, here's one more:
--Kirk Mon Jan 15 15:57:51 2007
IE7 sucks. . .but the Firefox X improvement does sound more efficient.
--The_Lex Mon Jan 15 20:49:47 2007
The monkey needs a cigarette.

Nothing is funnier than a smoking monkey.
--Nick B Tue Jan 16 12:37:15 2007
Install the TabMixPlus Add-On, it will give you thousands of tab options, including "new tab" and"close current tab" buttons at either end of the tab bar. Also session crash protection, "remember closed tabs" and a host of other awesome options.
--Mr. Ibis Thu Jan 18 17:02:36 2007

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