they're like garters, but...lower
I'm also a visual cleaner. I see something and have to take care of it right then. Working on one room at a time might end up with a completed room faster, but spot cleaning takes care of the worst offenders first.

My guess is the foot dickies are meant to be worn with open top, closed toe pumps. So it looks like you are wearing some kind of fancy toe sock even though your toes are bare.

Or maybe they're the latest thing for foot & stocking fetishists trying to resolve to have stockings and bare feet. But probably not at Target.

--ericball Tue Jan 16 12:45:54 2007
"trying to resolve their desire to have" Teach me (again) not to proofread when I change sentance structure in the middle.
--ericball Tue Jan 16 12:46:47 2007
That would make some interesting copy.

But from all your organizing, Kirk, I'd almost think you wouldn't have to clean. =b Personally, I try throwing away stuff or putting away stuff as soon as I'm done with it. That way, not so much mess to clean up later.
--The_Lex Tue Jan 16 21:53:45 2007
I have no idea what those things on her feet are. Maybe they are to be worn with sandals so you don't get blisters on the part that is actually covered by them?
--Candi Wed Jan 17 06:02:05 2007
They're essentially socks for open-toed slides or mules. (Mr. Ibis stared blankly when I said this: y'all can just Google for it.) The band of the shoe theoretically covers the.. um... foot thingy, rendering it invisible.

They keep you from getting blisters, and also prevent your foot from sliding around and possibly out of the shoe.
--Cordelia Wed Jan 17 22:42:24 2007
Cordelia, that makes some sense. It still seems odd though; looking at photos of slides/mules, it seems that there's only a so-so chance of correspondence between strap and sockette position.

I would say shoes shouldn't be causing blisters or sliding that much, but I've had enough even "practical men's shoes" that have ripped the hell out of the back of my feet to know that shoe design is sometimes handled very poorly.
--Kirk Thu Jan 18 09:48:39 2007

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