how about later
it's all in the scale of the denominators. perhaps immediacy and personal sensitivity are percentages from zero to 100%. then dividing will increase your expected U (unless dividing by 100%, of course). 


--FoSO Wed Jan 17 18:14:54 2007
I don't have problems with hibernate, other than the computer just getting slower and slower after a couple days. Maybe there's something up with your computer?
--The_Lex Thu Jan 18 07:38:01 2007
I know historically things like wireless NICs and "soft" modems have issues coming out of suspend/hibernate.
--ericball Thu Jan 18 08:59:40 2007
I know it's not as simple as just "put everything the way it was" when you "wake up", but still.

OSX gets it unsuspending much closer to right, though they have more hardware control. But I think Linux does to! So it's not just a "PCs have diverse hardware" issue.
--Kirk Thu Jan 18 09:44:54 2007

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