it's jane! and jane's bicep!
For awhile, I used to be against me taking minor pain medicines like Tylenol, Advil, etc. etc. I figured there was natural ways around the issue. Once things get bad enough, though, they're worthwhile, even for preventative reasons.

I would rather do lots of things then try weeding out stuff to figure out what works and what doesn't. After all, we're aging.
--The_Lex Fri Jan 19 08:14:56 2007
I dunno, I hate to be like...well, there was this scifi game, Warhammer, and they mentioned how technology had developed a literal priesthood, and described all the prayers and rituals to go through in the engine starting process before pressing the holy button marked "ON". It's kind of wasteful and superstitious to do so much that doesn't help.
--Kirk Fri Jan 19 08:32:11 2007
Ahh... but prayers and rituals are often based on prior success. It's like sports superstitions. The pitcher in "Bull Durham" deciding to abstain from sex since he's winning games since he started abstaining.

Things also get corrupted over time. A checklist becomes a littany which survives long after the original checklist has been lost.
--ericball Fri Jan 19 09:33:41 2007
Well, the trying to sleep just on your back seems to be a sort of ritual. . .. ;b
--The_Lex Sat Jan 20 12:57:48 2007

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