leading a retahded symphony
ditto the nice shirt and jacket. Very rarely wear a tie now. Can work in most cases.
--Beau Sat Jan 20 15:14:06 2007
That Exchange otM reminds me of some radio stuff I've heard about F2M transgender fellows who recall their first experiences with high doses of testosterone, and the unexpected, unrelenting, and truly vivid sexual imagination that they find they have all of a sudden. Suddenly every strange woman they see is an object of fantasy. 

Of course, they're also carrying within themselves considerably more (say, tens to hundreds of times) testosterone than normal males as they make their conversion.
--LAN3 Sun Jan 21 02:54:21 2007
Oh yeah, good to hear that the interview went well. Good luck in getting the job. . .if you want it.
--The_Lex Sun Jan 21 12:37:40 2007

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