star hop day 3
Small world. Don't ever remember seeing you mentioned as Kirk "Logan" on either site. I'm pleased to report that our chat friend (D. "Logan") has been dating steadily ever since posting his (Logan's) URL. We delayed a month before we told/showed him we'd written about him on another of your sites. By that time, he was happily getting more attention than he could handle. Actually, we've had a couple of other chat friend guys and one blenderite gal ask us to write something along the same lines for them, but that one effort was enough :) ...... Rennie
--Rennie Wed Jan 24 11:41:54 2007
Great thinking! That really beraks the mold!
--Brynell Tue Apr 26 19:13:21 2011
Absolutely first rate and copepr-bottomed, gentlemen!
--Kapri Tue Jan 3 12:35:35 2012
I was born the son of Arlen (duck) and Lona Workman born 1959 at Man General Hospital. We were poor dad was a miner at Laredo Coal Mines where he was a hero for saving other merins when a large part of the roof fell on them. My mom and dad did the best they could for us 6 kids (Thomas Arlen, Donna Sue, Janet Lynn, myself, Linda Jane and Christopher Arlen.) We're are all grown. dad's left us. mom's still with us. this is who I am and proud to be who I am. I had forgotten this and lost my way. It's my opinion that if you don't remember where you come from how can you know where to go next in life. Thank you dad for being hard on me he made me a stronger man, Thank you mom for always being there to listen and give good advice. Much love to you both.
--Saly Thu Sep 19 12:51:19 2013
rdzu2v I really liked your article.Really thank you! Awesome.
--take a look at it! Wed Oct 23 16:01:21 2013

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